Panjtash offers a choice of cable ladders and trays with a comprehensive range of accessory that gives each system outstanding flexibility thus enabling it to be used on projects large and small, resulting in an installation that exactly meets the individual requirements of the project.
As manufactures of Electrical Panel Board, Cables clamps and Hangers Panjtash also included cable support systems assembled on site from hot rolled profiles, the cable ladder design depending on local building conditions. Panjtash then introduced a pre-fabricated range of cost saving and easy to assemble cables ladders and trays.
As a result the reduction of dead weight and increased load capacity together with considerable reduction in material and on site assembly costs were the immediate success of the Tash systems.
The standard range of Tash prefabricated cable systems on the market today is continuously being extended and improved thus eliminating the need for costly special fabrication on site .
Tash systems can be installed on all projects where electrical power is transmitted by cables.
It is particularly well suited for use in generating stations, large industrial and administration buildings, chemical plants, oil refineries, terminals and off-shore rigs, hospitals, stadiums, subways to mention only a few.
Our engineers are available to assist you with the design and planning of your projects.
Panjtash erection supervisors are available to train customers personnel and for assembly supervision,  particularly on foreign construction sites.

Special materials.
Aluminum alloy or similar are possible at time, also various coatings over the standard galvanizing as an additional protection against corrosion is available.
Prices for special materials and coating on request.
Types of galvanizing :
Galvanizing of the Panjtash cable support system is available in two types:

  1. All parts of sheet metal constructions or profiled sheet, e. g , cable ladders and trays, including joints and accessories, are manufactured from steel sheet continuously hot galvanized.
  2. Parts of hot rolled profiles or welded constructions are hot dip galvanized after fabrication.
  3. Galvanized sheet steel is produced with the sendzimir technique, a special type of hot galvanizing process. The galvanizing process takes place at the steel mill where the sheet metal is guided from the coil through a zinc bath and rollers provide an extreme smooth surface and an excellent cohesion between the basic material and zinc laminate. Thickness of zinc laminate: approx  20 micron.
    Zinc layer : approx 275 g / m2 ( Both sides ). Cut sections are protected by local galvanic elements that provide a catholic corrosion protection due to electrochemical voltage drop between iron and zinc.
  4. Hot dip galvanizing is done after fabrication that results in a compact zinc surface, thickness of zinc laminate is between 50 and 80 micron depending on the thickness of the basic material. Further technical details can be found in the notes and suggestion of this catalog.
    We are, of course, always at your disposal for any further and additional information.


Choice of the suitable
Support system.
This TASH catalog contains various programs of cable support systems for your information as well as for assistance in deciding which material is best suited, for your purpose. We offer you some suggestions, below.

The choice of the type of cable supports depends on different criteria:

  1. What  type of cables are to be laid.
  2. Existing cable weight.
  3. Support distance.
  4. Ambient influences (corrosion)
  5. Mounting direction (horizontal or vertical)
  6. Optical impression of the installation.

1) :
Power cables develop heat under load. Sufficient ventilation for dissipation of heat is being required. Therefore, cable ladders are best employed for installing control or lighting cables. Where a continues support is more suitable cable trays are recommended.

2) :
The total weight of cables per meter ( kg/m ) is the decisive factor the load capacity, ( see load diagram). Cable ladders and cable trays with various side height and  material thickness are available, also light weight systems for light loads.

3) :
The heavy duty ladders and trays are designed for an optimum support distance of 2m.

4) :
Standard finish of the surface (hot dip galvanized sheet steel) provides excellent protection against corrosion in dry area. For special requirements (e. g , chemical influences, sea water, etc.) Hot deep galvanizing after fabrication or aluminum cable trays are available.

Cables are mounted not only in a horizontal, but also in a vertical direction. For this purpose, vertical cable ladders are to be used.

6) :
Installation that remains in full view should be of good appearance. Ladders and trays are best suited for this purpose.

Approximate value for load capacity of heavy duty cable ladder or tray is 30kg/m for 100mm width, that means for a ladder of 600mm width a cable load of 170 to 180 kg/m can be accommodated for 2M Span (from the space available)

Steel Expansion Bolts:
Fixing to concrete is provided by steel expansion bolts.
Special authority safety regulations have to be followed, where applicable.

Special  fabrications:
The standard ranges contained in this catalog may extend by request.